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What Is

3DPump-Breakthrough® is a revolutionary triple-action pump ingredient combining L-Citrulline, high-yield glycerol, and a standardized extract of Amla fruit (phyllanthus embolic) that fuels muscle pump via three complementary mechanisms.

L-Citrulline enhances nitric oxide production which in turn boosts muscle pumps. Glycerol aids in enhanced cell volume and muscle fullness, and amla fruit promotes greater blood flow, vasodilation, and bolsters the bioavailability of nitric oxide.

The end result is the ultimate 3-in-1 non stimulant pump from enhanced blood flow and nitric oxide production, the perfect performance solution.

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How It Works


L-Citrulline is a foundational nitric oxide precursor and “pump ingredient” in pre workout supplements. It is an amino acid, naturally found in watermelon, clinically studied to be superior to L-arginine supplements for increasing plasma arginine and subsequently nitric oxide (NO) production and blood flow.

Increased NO may reduce the oxygen cost of exercise, lower the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) cost of muscle contractile force production, improve mitochondrial efficiency, and improve calcium handling. Additionally, NO encourages vasodilation thereby reducing blood pressure and increasing blood blow, which may increase oxygen and nutrient delivery to working muscles and facilitate clearance of metabolic byproducts.


Glycerol is an osmolyte that encourages cells to absorb water, thereby improving cellular swelling, hydration, and muscle fullness (aka “water-based pumps”). This not only aids muscle pump but physical endurance, fatigue resistance, and thermoregulation (resistance to high temperatures and greater endurance in physical activities).

In fact, some research suggests that glycerol ingestion increases exercise tolerance in terms of time-to-exhaustion by approximately 24%. Glycerol supplementation may also reduce the amount of cardiovascular stress induced by exercising in strenuous environments.

Emlica Officinalis (Amla)

Emblica officinalis (also referred to as Phyllanica emblica or simply as Amla) is an Ayurvedic botanical that has traditionally been used for the purposes of enhancing general vitality and cognition as well as promoting longevity.

The fruit is teeming with phytoactive compounds and antioxidants that support the body’s cardiovascular, immune, and digestive systems. 3DPump-Breakthrough® includes an ultra-premium extract of amla fruit, standardized for >68% low molecular weight tannins (including the ellagitannins — pedunculagin, puniglucanin, emblicanin A, and emblicanin B) which stimulate endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS), combat oxidative stress, and support cardiovascular health. This ultimately facilitates greater NO production and offers another synergistic mechanism by which 3DPump-Breakthrough works its “magic.”

The Genesis of Patent-Protected Pump

3DPump-Breakthrough® was the result of countless hours of R&D. It began with L-Citrulline — a proven commodity for enhancing “the pump.” The team of experts behind 3DPump-Breakthrough® wanted to find the right ingredients to enhance the potent “pump-itude” of L-Citrulline.

After screening multiple botanical sources to find the one that offered the greatest synergy with L-Citrulline, they arrived at amla fruit (Indian gooseberry), which is abundant in polyphenols and antioxidants, including ellagitannins. Independent research has also found evidence of the synergy between citrulline and ellagitannins, particularly in regards to muscle recovery.

With the NO-fueled pump pathway covered, the final component was to find an ingredient that offered robust “water-based” pumps. Glycerol was the undeniable choice. In-house testing revealed glycerol offered remarkable synergy when used in combination with amla fruit extract.

However, glycerol supplements have a sordid history due to their low yield, poor mixability, and suspect stability.

Enter L-Citrulline.

It offered the greatest stability to resist clumping in addition to the plethora of benefits citrulline offers regarding pumps, performance, anti-fatigue, and muscle recovery!

The end result is a 3-in-1 multi-mechanistic ingredient that delivers supreme “muscle volumization” potential along with greater performance, reduced perceived exertion and greater stamina, particularly in heat-stress environments.

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The optimal daily dose of 3DPump-Breakthrough® is 6,000mg.

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The ingredients contained in 3DPump-Breakthrough® offer benefits that extend beyond increased athletic performance. By enhancing NO and cellular hydration, 3DPUMP-BREAKTHROUGH® supports:

Cardiovascular Health

Sexual Health

Sports Nutrition



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