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NutraShure Features Branded Ingredients at SuppySide West as First-Time Exhibitor

NutraShure Features Branded Ingredients at SuppySide West as First-Time Exhibitor

The company’s clinically studied branded ingredients range over a wide variety of categories.

East Setauket, NY, NutraShure Distribution, LLC. a premium ingredient supplier and distributor in the dietary supplement and functional food and beverage categories will exhibit at this year’s SupplySide West show for the first time at Booth #7379.

At the upcoming SupplySide West, Nutrashure will showcase its branded ingredients including Polynol™, 3DPump Breakthrough®, BetaPrime®, and Caraflame™.  The cutting-edge ingredients promote overall well-being and optimal health in the following benefit areas: beauty-from-within, sports nutrition, cellular health, cognition, stress support, and joint health.

Polynol, used in the beauty-from-within and health-aging categories, is a sugarcane extract rich in antioxidants. The ingredient possesses bioactive properties that can enhance overall health and wellness of cells within the body. Polynol offers antioxidant benefits that protect the skins cells from being damaged by ultraviolet light and lengthens telomers to support overall skin appearance and healthy cellular aging.

3DPump Breakthrough® is a triple-action pump ingredient combining L-citrulline, high-yield glycerol, and a standardized extract of amla fruit. The complementary mechanisms of action results in enhanced nitric oxidized production and maximized muscle pump for optimal performance benefits. 3DPump’s most recent study showed 3g of L-citrulline achieved similar results on acute muscular endurance, muscle damage and inflammation, and appendicular muscle girth compared to 8g of L-citrulline.

BetaPrime is a patented ingredient consisting of jujube seed extract, L-theanine, and celastrus paniculatus seed extract.  BetaPrime is primarily used to optimize the tolerability of beta-alanine which has been shown to mitigate beta-alanine induced paresthesia. The unique combination offers benefits of mood enhancement, stress support, and cognitive health benefits.

Caraflame contains a powerful trifecta of nutrients that offer a novel and synergistic approach to maintaining cellular health, managing joint discomfort, and promoting a healthy inflammatory response. The unique synergy between the ingredients found in Caraflame- butyate, carotenoids, and beta-caryophyllene demonstrate significant reductions in NF-kB phosphorylation.

“We are excited to showcase our premium ingredients and industry-leading solutions to the dietary supplement and functional food and beverage market, said Brandon Sojka, Founder of NutraShure Distribution, LLC. “SupplySide West provides an invaluable platform to introduce our brands to a wider audience — we are thrilled to be first-time exhibitors.”

Nutrashure is dedicated to delivering manufacturers with the ingredients they need to create innovative, efficacious products that meet the demand of health-conscious consumers. To set up a meeting at SupplySide West, email us at

About NutraShure Distribution, LLC.
NutraShure Distribution, LLC. is a premium ingredient distributor for use in dietary supplements, functional foods, and beverages. NutraShure set out with the goal of optimizing human performance and increasing the overall quality of daily life. NutraShure Distribution offers ingredients with a wide range of health benefit categories with patent-protected IP and preclinical and clinical research.

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