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Revolutionizing Men’s Sexual Health Unleashing the Power of Innovative Ingredients and Proactive Vitality Enhancement

The Changing Men’s Sexual Health Footprint The men’s health landscape has been evolving over the past decade, and the pursuit of holistic well-being has surged in consumer interest and manufacturing innovation. Men’s health is a multifaceted journey for optimizing mental vitality, well-being, and physical fitness. Supplements have emerged as key components in the quest for optimal health especially those focused on sexual function and performance. Sexual health is more than just physical intimacy and goes deeper into men’s overall well-being. Hormonal balance, cardiovascular health, cognition, and lifestyle choices are all influencers in determining sexual function. As the men’s health category evolves, novel and...

New Research Comparing 3DPump Breakthrough® to L-citrulline Shows the Ingredient’s Powerful Efficacy and Synergetic Benefits

The patented ingredient blend showed benefits on muscle endurance, muscle damage, and inflammation. NutraShure Distribution, LLC., a premium patented nutraceutical ingredients distributor announced today the publication of a new study evaluating the efficacy of its novel dietary supplement blend 3DPump Breakthrough®. The study, conducted at The Center for Applied Health Sciences, showed using 3DPump Breakthrough® achieved similar effects in muscle endurance, muscle pump, hydration, and inflammation markers when compared to using nearly 3X more L-citrulline alone. 3DPump Breakthrough® is a revolutionary triple-action pump ingredient combining L-citrulline, high-yield glycerol, and a standardized extract of Amla fruit (Phyllanthus emblica) that fuels muscle pump through...

Best Supplements for Heart Health in 2022

Heart disease remains one of the leading causes of death in America, killing 649,000 people every year. 48% of adult Americans have some form of heart disease, most commonly high blood pressure, and that number continues to increase.  The prevalence of supplements that claim to support heart health or prevent or reduce the effects of heart disease should come as no surprise then. Not all supplements are truly beneficial, however, as they are regulated by the FDA as food rather than drugs.  The following are the supplements that have been backed by research and shown to benefit heart health. Always consult with...

Fish Oil & Omega 3 Supplements: Are They Worth it in 2022

Over the past few decades, fish oil supplements have become one of the most popular vitamins among American adults. This should come as no surprise as the list of potential benefits that a reputable fish oil supplement can have on the body is extensive.   American society has dramatically increased its intake of fish in recent years with the average American consuming up to 19.2 pounds of fish per year as of 2019. Although this is an uptick from the 15.5 pounds per person in 2015, it still falls shy of the recommended 8oz per week.    The recommendation comes from research performed in...